Laughing and crying, you know it's the same release. Joni Mitchell

Laughing and crying, you know it's the same release. Joni Mitchell

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

28-Day Cleanse Recap

So, I finished the cleanse several weeks ago but I never reported on how it went. At first I didn't feel any differently, and I didn't lose any weight either, which was depressing. But Dr. Arora at The Rothfeld Center had me fill out a symptom questionnaire at the beginning and the end of the cleanse. My total score went down from 70-something to 50-something, so I guess it made some difference.

I've continued on an anti-inflammatory diet which means no wheat or root vegetables, no dairy and very low sugar. It also includes two protein shakes a day made with Ultra Meal Rice by Metagenics. At least I don't have to gag down those berry flavored shakes anymore. One of the shake flavors is chocolate, which actually tastes pretty good, and the other is vanilla. I add different kinds of fruit to the vanilla flavor - mango was actually very tasty. I eat six small meals/snacks a day spaced out every three hours and always have protein with each meal or snack. That means almonds are a common snack. I wouldn't say the pounds are melting away, but I've seen a small decrease on the scale.

I've read several articles claiming that a low-carb diet is the healthiest way for humans to eat since our ancestors ate mostly fruit, veggies and protein. Refined carbs and baked goods are relatively recent in our evolutionary development, and we just don't digest them or metabolize them very well. A low-carb diet lowers blood sugar and has been linked to a lower rate of cancer, too. Cancer cells feed on glucose which is sugar which is what carbs turn into in our blood stream. Here's what had to say:
A low-carb diet forces the normal cells in your body to use fat for fuel, instead of carbs. Cancer cells can't do this. They need glucose to grow. So when you limit carbs, you cut off the glucose. This limits the fuel supply to the tumors.
Plus, by limiting carbs, you reduce your body's insulin levels. This too is a good thing. Insulin is a hormone that promotes tumor growth in both humans and mice. Numerous independent studies confirm this.
So, I carry on with my low-carb, high quality protein (kinda boring) diet in the hopes that it will result in a healthier me - on the inside and out. I'll keep you posted.
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